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Our purpose is to bring your new or improved product to a level of best use and manufacturability in a smooth, unobstructed manner. We specialize in mechanical/electromechanical product development of kitchenware, sporting goods, medical/dental, computer, and related products.

Our office is now in Monterey Park, very close to Pasadena and Los Angeles and can comfortably serve our customers from here. You are most welcome to ask for a visit where we can show you more of our capabilities and go over your new product needs. We are comfortable with yours or our non-disclosure agreements and will adhere to it.

China and US Manufacturing Connections

While we have connections for both product prototyping in the USA, we also have Chinese manufacturing capability, especially with plastic molded product parts and assemblies. When we've finished the design and the product begins manufacture we can have China handle the shipping logistics in case you don't already have a source. The China connection will also keep your product a secret and we, as Engineers here in the USA would provide a NDA for your protecton

Contact Information

Phil Smith
2071 S Atlantic Blvd., Suite C
Monterey Park, Ca 91754 USA
Tel: 626-219-8027
Email: deviceng@pacbell.net

Our Design and Engineering Process!

First we'll look at your product idea and determine the best way to manufacture it. Then we'll sketch out some plans for the design based on your needs and do some initial calculations where needed. We'll then start a basic CAD design where you will see the early design evolution. The final design would result in a full CAD design for the product. All detail drawings would follow. These drawings and the computer files would be used by your manufacturers or we can work with our US or Asian partners.

Our Experience

Over 25 years of Engineering experience. Device Engineering established in 1991 beginning with Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale CA. BSME Northeastern University, Boston, MA. We have designed over 300 products since 1991 both for start-up inventors, established firms needing contract help, or with ID companies.



Xircom conference room hub with retractable laptop leads.

Tsan Kuen coffee grinder/brewer plus a line of 6 other kitchen appliances.

Action Tec card reader with slow rising access door.